Philosophical Art (2) - 形形色色 (What You Know May Not Be the Whole)

Before reading the following description, would you want to guess what is this picture?


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一,模特的选择 一小段香肠。拿一根香肠,把它切成如下的形状。

1. The model is a piece of sausage cut in the following manner.

二,形形 同一个香肠模特,当我们在不同的角度去观察它的时候,它会呈现出不同的形状。就如以下的图像。

2. Then in different angle, it would shown different shapes as follows.

三,色色 - 想象我用两条非常细的线把这块香肠挂在暗房的一角,暗房的墙壁都是白色的。在暗房的右边有一束绿光照在香肠的圆形部分而投影到左面的墙上。然后,在暗房的左面与上方各有边一束黄光和一束红光同时照在香肠的长方形和三角形部分。它将形成以下颜色的投影图。

3.  Imagine that we use two very fine thread to hang the piece of sausage in one corner of a perfect dark-room.  The walls of the dark-room are all in white color.  
From the Right Side of the dark-room, there is green beam of light shining on the the Round-Shape of the Sausage.
From the Left Side and the Top Side of the dark-room, there is a yellow and red beam of lights shining on the rectangle and triangle shapes of the sausage respectively.  Then, on the wall it forms the following pictures.


Whereas, in the dark-room, the color of the sausage would not be shown as what we see under the sun as skin-color.  For example, in the dark-room, if one uses a green light to project on a rose with green leaf, we can only see the green light but can not see the rose for it is back in color (no color is reflected).


Above are the theory on Color Additive and Subtractive. For example, when the green light shine on the skin color of the round shape, it would appear as dark green.  Because the skin color consist of the mixture of RED, YELLOW, and WHITE color elements, which the RED and YELLOW  would not reflect the Green light, Only the WHITE would reflect a portion of the Green Light thus shown as dark-green in color, etc...

Below is the completed art work.

四,这幅画中,我们所看见各部分的形形色色都与画的实物-“香肠模特” 有着很大的差别。如瞎子摸象一般!所以,我们对任何事物的判断都应在多方面了解,以免犯了“失之毫厘差之千里”之错。

4.  In this picture, what the shapes and colors on each wall are simply a part of the projection of the model - a small piece of sausage.  Trying to judge the actual object from the projection from each side of the wall is like the story of the  blind men and the elephant!  Therefore, before we make any comment on a matter, it is necessary to know it from all angles.  Otherwise, it merely personal opinion and could be totally different from fact.  

Bless You
KH Tang


Philosophical Art (1) - ALL ARE From ONE Source

Intro: ALL ARE From ONE Source

This is an old question: “Where did human comes from?” And, there are many speculation too:
1)   “Manifested from Consciousness”,- it is manifested from the energy of Universal Mind into form.
2)   “Created by God”, - According to Bible.
3)   “Evolved from Apes”,- According to some people theory.
4)   “An experiment of Aliens” – According to some speculation.
5)   May be you have heard of more than these…?

The face of the man, in the art, consists of five colors – Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White.  It represents the five skin color of human race on planet earth.  On the upper left corner, there is a Source of Light, and it spin-out five fire balls with respective colors, and within each fire-ball there is a baby.  It means that regardless of what color of the skin of a person, he/she comes from ONE SOURCE.  Home more people can consciously aware of this and have a more peaceful society.

 In Chinese, we have a habit in calling the people who have the same surname as “one family in five hundred years ago.”
Then, isn’t that people who don’t have the same surname as “one family in five thousand years ago.”
So, isn’t that people who don’t have the same skin color as “one family in fifty thousand years ago!”

作品简介: 都是一家人(ALL ARE From ONE Source)


1) "无中生有",--是由宇宙意识无形的能量转变而成。

2) "上帝制造",--是由上帝用泥巴捏成的。

3) "猴子的后代",--是由猴子进化而成的。

4) "外星人制造",--是由于星人在地球上的基因实验而生产的。

5) 或者你还有更多的说法?
二,画面上双手合十的人,脸上由五种颜色组成-- 黑,棕,红,黄,白。
和谐的社会。 :-)
三,中国人有个习惯称同姓的人为"五百年前是一家。" 那是不是也可以说不同姓的人为"五千年前是一家。" 是不是更可以说不同肤色的人为"五万年前是一家!"

Bless All
KH Tang

Self Development Idea (18): Some Simple and Worthy Ideas from books...

Here is a study note summary taken from books by Keith Cameron Smith...

The Top 10 Distinctions between the Millionaire and the Middle Class

Distinction 10: The Millionaire thinks Long Term.
                         The Middle Class Think Short Term.

Distinction 9:  The Millionaire talks about Ideals.
                        The Middle Class talks about others people and things.

Distinction 8:  The Millionaire embraces Change.
                        The Middle Class fears Change.

Distinction 7:  The Millionaire takes calculated risks.
                        The Middle Class is afraid to take risks.

Distinction 6:  The Millionaire continually learns and grows.
                        The Middle Class thinks learning ended with school.

Distinction 5:  The Millionaire works for profits.
                        The Middle Class works for wages.

Distinction 4:  The Millionaire believes he must be generous.
                        The Middle Class believes it can’t afford to give.

Distinction 3:  The Millionaire has multiple sources of income.
                        The Middle Class has only one or two source(s) of income.

Distinction 2:  The Millionaire focuses on increasing their net worth.
                        The Middle Class focuses on increasing its paychecks.

Distinction 1:  The Millionaire asks himself empowering questions.
                        The Middle Class asks himself dis-empowering questions.

The Top 10 Distinction between Entrepreneurs and Employees

Secret 10: Entrepreneurs educate themselves more than they entertain themselves.
                 Employees entertain themselves more than they educate themselves.

Secret 9:  Entrepreneurs have an empowering perspective of failure. 
                Employees see failure as bad.

Secret 8:  Entrepreneurs are solution finders. 
                Employees are problem solvers.

Secret 7:  Entrepreneurs know a little about a lot.
                Employees know a lot about a little.

Secret 6:  Entrepreneurs give and receive praise and correction. 
                Employees don’t praise, and try to avoid correction.

Secret 5:  Entrepreneurs say, “The buck stops here.” 
                Employees say, “It’s not my fault.”

Secret 4:  Entrepreneurs build wealth. 
                Employees make money.

Secret 3:  Entrepreneurs fly with eagles. 
                Employees peck around with chickens.

Secret 2:  Entrepreneurs look into the future. 
                Employees look into the past.

Secret 1:  Entrepreneurs take risk because of faith. 
                Employees play it safe because of fear.

The Top 10 Distinctions between Winner and Whiner

Distinction 10:  Winners take responsibility.
                          Whiners play the victim.

Distinction 9:   Winners can have what they want.
                         Whiners want what they cannot have.

Distinction 8:   Winners find a way.
                         Whiners find an excuse.

Distinction 7:   Winners brighten a room by entering.
                         Whiners brighten a room by leaving.

Distinction 6:   Winners listen twice as much as they talk.
                         Whiners talk twice as much as they listen.

Distinction 5:   Winners enjoy life’s journeys.
                         Whiners put their joy in the destinations.

Distinction 4:   Winners build friendships.
                         Whiners destroy friendships.

Distinction 3:   Winners think BIG.
                         Whiners think small.

Distinction 2:   Winners are focus-minded.
                         Whiners are scatterbrained.

Distinction 1:   Winners create positive meanings.
                         Whiners create negative meanings.


Winners work with PASSION.
Whiners work for Pension.

Winners Stretched Comfort Zone.
Whiners live within Comfort Zone.

Winners Learn How to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities.
Whiners don't execute; Or they stop following through on their plan when obstacles arise.

Winners Find Mentors & Surround themselves with People Who are Achieving Greatness.
Whiners get advice from the wrong people and model mediocrity.


--------------------------  Added A Joke for the Day -----------------------

The Bug in the Program

Within a computer, sometime there is a section of the program call Bug.

The Bug is called the “I thought”.

The Bug may be executed in some part of the program. It becomes "I thought" and take over the controls of all thinking during the execution of that section of the program.

During that moment, the Bug (I thought) pretends to be that whole program. And, creates TREMENDOUS ERROR in the result.

None of the ERROR in the result is needed.

What is needed is simply to fix the Bug that pretends to be the whole program.

IF we have not yet achieved the FULL SUCCESS of what we have Desire in the Mind, it means there are bugs hidden in some where in the mind….

Just like the Painter in the Joke!  

Stock Market Tools (14) - Wyckoff's Schematic and Application

This is a very short write-up as the diagrams attached are self-explanatory for those who are ready Think and Get It....

The follow two Wyckoff Schematic diagrams are copied from the web...
The first one signify a typical "Distribution" phase of a stock/market...
While the second diagram added the "Typical Volume Patterns" of various phases....

Figure 1. Wyckoff Schematic on "Distribution" Phase

Figure 2. Wyckoff Schematic on "Typical Volume Patterns" on various phases.

And, for those who had studied Wyckoff material would know that he would not trade without Analysis the "Internal Condition" of the strength of the stock/market by Tape Reading...  Here are some example of integrating the "Tape Reading" result with the Price Charts:(Click on the Chart to Zoom In).

The Art of War said: “兵马未动 粮草先行.” (Before the troops and horses start to move, food and fodder must go first.)
As translate to stock market, before the Price Trending in a Direction can be developed, the Money Must Flow in that direction first.....

In the following charts, the upper pane shows the price candlesticks, while the lower pan shows the MONEY movement direction (of Strong Hands).

Figure 3:  The "Internal Condition" of the stock is Weak, as money flow out from strong hand.

Figure 4: The "Internal Condition" of the stock is Weak, same reason as above... Will see. :-)

Figure 5.  Not all the operation of a stock follow the "Typical Schematic", at times it depends on the overall market condition too.  Zoom in to see it clearer.





Bless You
KH Tang
------------------------------------   Added on 1 Aug 2015   -----------------------------------

This chart is a follow up Fig 4 above...  What's next? Will See. :-)

-------------------------------------- Added on 4 Aug 2015 -------------------------------------
This is an interesting one...  It shows a serious divergence at this point of time, will see. :-)
(NOTE: Tape Reading is not for Short Term Swing Trading! It merely show the Internal Condition.)
Click on the chart to zoom-in.

----------------------------------------- Added on 9 Aug 2015 ---------------------------------------
Here are somethings very interesting...
Let's look at the Major Oil Companies on their "Tape Reading" Status as of now.  Doesn't it tell us that the strong hands knew what's going to happen way early than the public?!

---------------------------------------- Added on 13 Oct 2015 ----------------------------------------------
It would be interesting to see, though as a hindsight, what does the tape reading of some Germany companies - like Volkswagen (after the emissions scandal) and their banking...
(Note: There are a few Stock Exchanges in Germany, and the stocks listed in all of them.  So, the value show the TRENDING only).


Deutsche Bank

---------------------------------------- Added on 19 Oct 2015 ----------------------------------------
It would be interesting to see what happen to those that have accumulation on the tape. :-)

AMD Tape Reading.

---------------------------------------  Added on 05 Nov 2015 ---------------------------------------------
Is there some new technology that can replace Cruel Oil???

Self Development Idea (17): Working Harder On Yourself than Your Job

Here is a simple idea from Jim Rohn: 
"You should work harder on yourself than on your job. Because... If you work hard on your job, you can make a living. If you work harder on yourself than you do on your job, you can make a FORTUNE."
And, Jim Rohn also said that this is a simple idea and simple to carry out. But, on the other hand, it is simple not to do it... Simple thing accumulated over years is your current result.

The attached diagram is a pictorial illustration of my understanding and experience with the idea over the past ten over years...

"Success is one thing we can't pay for,
we buy it on the installment plan
and make payments everyday."
- Zig Ziglar

-----------------------------------  Add on 06 Jan 2015   -----------------------------------
Recently, I'd read a comment by a philosopher in Taiwan, and think that there is valuable insight in it...

                ---------------------------------- cut and paste----------------------------
             ------------------- end of cut and paste -------------
è For any specialized knowledge, 10,000hours is fundamental; After 30,000hours, there is an opportunity for him to form his own wisdom; After 50,000 hours, than one can fully master the subject and create.  In olden day of China, the student must study for 30,000hours as fundamental before he went for state exam – which took ten years.
è As Mozart became famous at the age of 22…  He had practice piano 16 hours a day for 12 years.  So, he got famous after practice 70,000 hours.
                -------------------------- end of translation ----------------------------

This is tally with the books – Talent is Overrated, and The Talent Code.

I once read in a book in the library that Jesse Livermore, Richard D. Wyckoff, and W.D. Gann had spent around 10 years in their research before they mastered their skill.

Bless You
KH Tang


Trap for Investor (9) - Awareness of the Dark Pools in the US Market that Distort the Accuracy of Tape Reading

For those well trained traders and trading professional, they know that trading volume is a very important indicator to judge the state of the trend for the stocks - as it is a measure of money flow.

And, the classical books on Jesse Livermore and Richard D. Wyckoff emphasis on the importance of volume through Tape Reading....

Now here is a video clip from CNN showing that the trading volume of the Dark Pool is up to 40% of the total trading... Which means that there is a Change in Rule on Technical Analysis as on How to Interpret the Volume.  Be aware!


So, what’s the Impact???
Though the above video trying to project an idea that these activities does not affect the public...Yes, it is true for the untrained traders that don't use volume indicators and mass public who don' trade.
Actually, it shows that “Volume” information is distorted (US Market).  So, even if the historical speculation king like Jesse Livermore and Wyckoff methodology would lose their accuracy in selecting stocks if they were re-incarnated with full knowledge of their past live, as their method is heavily based on price-volume relationship (money flow direction) – The Fundamental Rule had Changed.   So... Higher weightage in judging the trade should be based on Price dynamic, and that is the Multiple-Time-Frame Relative Price Strength.


Here is another excellent short video illustrate how the dark pools work in more detail:-